INHP at Work

  • Since 1988 INHP has impacted over 30,000 families through our homeownership resources.
  • Since 1988 over $335 million of INHP and community resources have been invested in mortgages and loans to help thousands of low-and-moderate income families’ purchase, improve or repair their home.
  • In 2014:
    • More than $35.1 Million of INHP and community resources were invested in mortgage financing
    • Over 445 families purchased, improved or repaired their homes
    • Nearly 2,400 individuals graduated from a Homeownership education class

Strategic Partnerships Make Our Work Possible

INHP leverages key community partners including the City of Indianapolis, lenders, community development corporations, state and federal programs and local agencies.

You Can Be a Part of the Transformation

Your help will make a difference for families, neighborhoods and this remarkable city. Thriving happens when people believe in each other and invest in where they live. Support families and neighborhoods today. Together we can thrive.

Homeownership Transforms People & Places

Homeownership positively impacts children, families and neighborhoods by providing a foundation that promotes long-lasting, generational transformation.

Our Services Foster Transformation

INHP’s services are designed to create and support homeowners who can sustain their investment in their homes – ultimately helping to strengthen and encourage the growth of vibrant Indianapolis neighborhoods.

Working Families

Our families become and remain long-term, successful homeowners with INHP’s proven homeownership resources:


Our neighborhoods thrive because INHP supports revitalization and development initiatives through:

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