All it takes is one person who is committed, focused and on a mission to spark transformation in the lives and the places around them.
Imagine what happens when it’s a whole family.

They’re called the Green Family.

We call them our neighbors.
The Greens
Ask any family what home means to them, and they’ll share dreams of a safe harbor, a space where they can grow, a sanctuary to call their own...

Families that own their own home are better connected to each other, more civically involved and generally care more about what happens to their home and in their neighborhoods.

Homeownership gave them purpose.

Homeownership gave him pride.

For most families, buying a home is the single, biggest transaction of their lifetime. Homebuyers who receive financial and mortgage preparation are two to three times less likely to default on their mortgage—that means they stay in their homes longer, get more involved in their community and their kids are more likely to be homeowners too.

Homeownership gave her hope.
Give now and be a part of the transformation.

For moms like Maria, owning a home eases worry. It makes families like hers stronger and happier. Which means more to be thankful for and less to stress about.

For Maria, homeownership creates enduring generational change for her family and for the community around them.

Homeownership gave them possibility.

Children are undeniably influenced by the lack of a stable home. When you give a family like the Greens access to homeownership resources, your gift creates a current of change for their children. You open a window of possibility for Aubreyah, Marlee, Amina and Preston to get better grades, graduate from college and to dream even bigger dreams.

Be the change these children need.

Homeownership transforms.

Through the support of community partners and volunteers, INHP's Living the Dream mini home makeover projects celebrate successful journeys in achieving homeownership and all that comes with it…

Hope. Pride. Purpose. Possibility. And so much more.

You can be a part of the transformation.

Change their lives and places—today and for generations.

Join us in this journey.

be a part of the transformation.