Corporate and Community Group Volunteer Opportunities

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Corporate and community group volunteer opportunities

Looking for a special project for your next community service day? INHP has options! To schedule a group project, send us an email.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream volunteers help a new homeowner transition their house into a home while the homeowner is away for a full day. Stay for the big reveal when the homeowner returns! Common tasks include light landscaping, minor home enhancements, painting and decorating.

Welcome home basket builders

Collect, assemble and deliver themed welcome home baskets to INHP homeowners.

Yard work for hard work

Beautify yards for deserving, hardworking INHP homeowners! This volunteer opportunity is designed for small groups of eight to 10. Responsibilities consist of general yard clean up and maintenance such as raking, mowing, deweeding, planting, mulching, cleaning gutters and clearing brush.

Create your own opportunity

Interested in supporting INHP, but don’t see an opportunity listed that meets your needs? Contact us.


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